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Discussion 2024

The broader agenda for discussion at Nonprofit Live Week 2024

New York City, United States

  1. Opening Ceremony

    • Welcome Address and Overview of Nonprofit Live Week 2024

    • Introduction to the Theme: "Innovate, Communicate, Impact"

  2. Keynote Address: The Future of Fundraising 

    • Exploring Emerging Trends and Strategies

    • Navigating the Evolving Landscape of Charitable Giving


Fundraising and Effective Communication for Nonprofits

  1. Panel Discussion: Marketing and Communication Design for Nonprofits 

    • Crafting Compelling Narratives for Impact

    • Leveraging Social Media and Visual Storytelling

  2. Workshop: Fundraising Strategies for Developing Nations

    • Collaboration Models Between Developed and Developing Nations

    • Designing Culturally Relevant Campaign

  3. Case Study Presentations: Successful Fundraising Campaigns 

    • Showcasing Innovative Campaigns and Communication Approaches

    • Interactive Q&A with Presenters

  4. Interactive Session: Nonprofit Technology for Effective Fundraising 

    • Harnessing Data, AI, and Automation

    • Demonstrations of Cutting-edge Fundraising Technologies


Global Health Crisis and Nonprofit Responses*

  1. Keynote Address: Nonprofits in Mitigating Global Health Crises 

    • Insights from Pandemic Response Efforts

    • The Role of Effective Communication in Health Crisis Management

  2. Panel Discussion: Nonprofit Strategies in Global Health Crisis

    • Communicating Urgency and Mobilizing Support

    • Collaborating with Health Authorities and Governments

  3. CSR in Healthcare: Corporate Initiatives and Collaborations

    • Corporate Social Responsibility in Healthcare

    • Aligning Health Initiatives with Corporate Values

  4. Roundtable: Sustainable Business Practices in Healthcare

    • Balancing Profitability with Social Impact

    • Integrating Sustainable Practices in Healthcare Organizations


Future of Nonprofits and Corporate Engagement*

  1. Keynote: Shaping the Future of Nonprofits

    • Visionary Strategies and Adaptations

    • The Evolving Role of Nonprofits in Society

  2. Panel: Role of Corporate Foundations

    • Fostering Collaborative Philanthropy

    • Strategies for Effective Corporate-Nonprofit Partnerships

  3. Interactive Workshop: Nonprofit and Corporate Alignment

    • Building Strong Partnerships for Sustainable Impact

    • Best Practices in Cross-Sector Collaboration

  4. Fireside Chat: Bilateral and Multilateral Organizations

    • Global Cooperation for Social Impact

    • Aligning Nonprofit Agendas with International Development Goals


Addressing Global Challenges*

  1. Keynote: Circular Economy and Nonprofit Initiatives

    • Sustainable Practices for a Better Future

    • Circular Economy Strategies for Nonprofits

  2. Panel Discussion: Climate Change and Nonprofit Strategies

    • Communicating Climate Action Initiatives

    • Building Resilience and Sustainability

  3. Workshop: Realigning with Forgotten Crises

    • Addressing Overlooked Issues and Regions

    • Communication Strategies for Forgotten Crises

  4. Case Studies: Navigating War, Conflict, and Pandemics

    • Communicating Humanitarian Responses

    • Adapting Communication Strategies to Crisis Situations


Management, Regulations, and Future Agendas*

  1. Keynote: Artificial Intelligence in Nonprofit Ecosystems

    • Leveraging AI for Nonprofit Efficiency and Impact

    • Ethical Considerations in AI Adoption

  2. Panel Discussion: Nonprofit Management and Governance

    • Effective Leadership Strategies

    • Governance Best Practices for Nonprofits

  3. Roundtable: Human Capital in the Nonprofit Sector

    • Attracting, Developing, and Retaining Talent

    • Strategies for a Skilled and Engaged Workforce

  4. Closing Ceremony: Looking Ahead - Future Agendas for Nonprofits and Corporations 

    • Summary of Key Insights

    • Thanking Participants and Sponsors


Announcement of Nonprofit Live Week 2025 Theme and Location

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