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Image by Matteo Catanese
Nonprofit Live Week is a Global assembly
of Social Impact Leaders and Changemaker Organizations coming together to discuss, share, exchange their ideas and Innovation, and to showcase their social efforts
and initiatives.

About Nonprofit Live Week

Nonprofit Live Week 2024 is an exciting and highly anticipated event scheduled to take place in New York City on September 16-17, 2024. This international conference is tailored for nonprofit organizations and corporate foundations that are committed to making a positive social impact and driving positive change in the world.The event serves as a global assembly of social impact leaders and changemaker organizations from various corners of the world. It provides a unique platform for these organizations to come together, engage in meaningful discussions, share best practices, exchange innovative ideas, and collaborate on ways to address the pressing social and environmental issues of our time.

One of the primary objectives of Nonprofit Live Week 2024 is to help attendees enhance their marketing and fundraising capabilities. By bringing together experts in these fields, the conference offers valuable insights into the latest trends, strategies, and tools that can help nonprofits and corporate foundations raise the necessary funds to support their missions effectively. In addition to marketing and fundraising, the event will feature a wide range of workshops, panel discussions, keynote speeches, and networking opportunities. Participants will have the chance to connect with like-minded professionals, explore potential partnerships, and gain inspiration from success stories in the world of social impact.

Nonprofit Live Week 2024 promises to be a hub of innovation, collaboration, and inspiration for all those dedicated to the betterment of society. It's an unmissable event for nonprofit leaders, corporate philanthropists, and anyone interested in creating positive change in the world through innovative marketing and fundraising approaches.

Who can participate?

Nonprofit Live Week is designed to be inclusive and beneficial for a wide range of individuals and organizations dedicated to the nonprofit sector, social impact, and corporate philanthropy. The following groups and individuals should consider participating:

  1. Nonprofit Organizations: Leaders, staff, and volunteers from nonprofit organizations of all sizes and missions should participate to gain insights into fundraising, marketing, and best practices for achieving their charitable goals.

  2. Corporate Foundations: Representatives from corporate foundations looking to maximize their social impact and corporate philanthropy efforts can benefit from the knowledge and networking opportunities available at the event.

  3. Social Impact Leaders: Individuals who are at the forefront of creating positive change in their communities or on a global scale, including social entrepreneurs and activists, can find inspiration and connect with peers at Nonprofit Live Week.

  4. Fundraising Professionals: Fundraisers, development officers, and grant writers can enhance their skills and strategies for raising funds to support nonprofit initiatives.

  5. Marketing Experts: Marketing professionals, both from nonprofit and corporate backgrounds, can gain insights into effective marketing techniques for promoting social causes and campaigns.

  6. Donors and Philanthropists: Individuals and organizations interested in supporting nonprofits and social impact initiatives can learn about different causes and innovative ways to contribute effectively.

  7. Government Representatives: Government officials and policymakers focused on social issues can gain a broader perspective on how the nonprofit sector operates and collaborates.

  8. Volunteers and Community Members: Individuals who are actively involved in volunteering and community service can benefit from the knowledge and connections they can make at the event.

  9. Students and Academics: Students pursuing degrees related to nonprofit management, social work, philanthropy, and related fields can gain valuable insights and build connections for their future careers.

  10. Service Providers: Companies and professionals offering services and products to the nonprofit sector, such as technology solutions, fundraising tools, and consultancy services, can showcase their offerings and connect with potential clients.


In summary, Nonprofit Live Week aims to be an inclusive and comprehensive event, welcoming all those who are passionate about making a positive impact on society, regardless of their specific roles or affiliations within the nonprofit and social impact ecosystem. It offers a unique opportunity for learning, collaboration, and networking in the realm of nonprofit marketing and fundraising.

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